At Xi Systems many aspects of our work are built with a foundation of Systems Engineering and specifically a Model Driven Approach. This allows us to use structured notation such as Unified Modelling Language (UML) to capture requirements, process, technology and solutions. This underpinning allows us to quickly identify dependencies, issues and opportunities to innovate.

From static analysis through to software in the loop and ultimately full acceptance, our engineers have experience of delivering integration for high value and strategically important systems, both deployed into military and enterprise scenarios. Our experience is used to bring together a multitude of differing components into a coherent and interoperable system that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We believe in an open approach to systems, ensuring our customers can modify their systems without fear of contractual lock in. We use openly published protocols, ensuring systems integration can be used to bring new components and capabilities. We always seek to match protocols and interfaces to the environment they work in, whether it’s a constrained bandwidth environment or a high-end video streaming network.

We carry with us a proven track record of integrating equipment onto platforms whether it’s a person, wheeled or tracked vehicle, ship or aircraft, and have delivered EMC, vibration and ruggedization testing for our clients for a plethora of applications.


Other capabilities


Communication Systems

We are acknowledged experts in radio frequency communications


Operational Analysis

We use structured methods for assessing technology and solutions



We provide technical assurance to projects and clients of all sizes