We are acknowledged experts in Radio Frequency communications. Our expertise has allowed our customers to reduce their operational risk through understanding how modern RF networks can deliver their communication needs.

Our Engineers have worked with a diverse range of technologies from VHF voice, WiMAX , 3GPP, UHF MANET, as well as more straightforward technologies such as WiFi in straightforward and other rather novel situations. For instance, the use of private 3G femtocells for private security teams, WiMAX to deliver video from unmanned vehicles or the delivery of WiFi from drones and Remotely Piloted Vehicles.

Our engineers are forging innovation in the adoption and use of Software Defined Radio through research into the adoption of this technology, and driving forward progress in radio architectures across the globe. We see a future that is Software Defined that separates the function from the platform.

Xi Systems has delivered RF propagation modelling for Defence applications, including the novel representation for MANET networks from a RF perspective. Our modelling has allowed our clients to accurately forecast system performance as well as eradicating technological risk form their projects.


Other capabilities



We deliver integration for high value and strategically important systems


Operational Analysis

We use structured methods for assessing technology and solutions



We provide technical assurance to projects and clients of all sizes