TALISMAN – User, Systems Requirement Analysis along with concept system design and demonstration

What was the problem?

A UK government science and technology agency required system engineering and communications systems support to explore midlife updates to a specialist capability. As originally the deployed capability suffered from the inability to share video and imagery as the mission was ongoing, leading to in efficiencies in the capabilities ability to be exploited.

What solutions did you provide?

We provided a team that used a structured Systems Engineering process to explore the midlife capability update from the perspective of the capability user.

This used an Agile study methodology to rapidly define the User Requirement from written doctrine and interviews with the directly involved users. This was captured and analysed within a Unified Modelling Language (UML) model, allowing us to exploit a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) methodology for the Systems Definition and design of a candidate system solution. This MDA approach delivered a draft User Requirements Document and candidate System Requirements which were taken forward and integrated with the wider system documentation.

We produced a technology study in parallel that explored video encoding, compression and distribution technologies for this specific capability. On the back of this technology study we produced large market survey to identify potential solutions that could be procured and integrated within the budgetary and schedule constraints of the capability update.

Using the strengths of our agile approach and MDA underpinnings, our study produced a draft Cyber Risk Assessment along that explored the risk to the system as well as required risk mitigations as outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK.

Finally, our Agile and MDA approach allowed us to provide as integrated demonstrator platform, which was not originally scoped, but due to our supply chain, we managed to provide with no budgetary increase. This was demonstrated at the final presentation illustrating the concepts that were explored through the study, allowing the client to gain a deeper understanding in what would be required for a final solution. This demonstrator integrated Command and Control software, MANET tactical radios and live video streaming.

What proven results can you showcase?

We received this feedback from the client, outlining the success of this project,

“Xi Systems exceeded expectations which were already high based on the original proposal response to our request for tender. All deliverables were achieved ahead of time.
One of the key outcomes was to maintain a conversation with the stakeholders throughout the study - this was achieved from the outset and has resulted in a very well-informed project team.
Xi Systems have demonstrated a real understanding and enthusiasm for adopting an agile approach to eliciting requirements and identifying solution options despite working with an end customer who at the outset knew little about the approach.
I would not hesitate to recommend Xi Systems in the future.”
Luke Davies